Friday, July 23, 2010


Hakgala is very cool climate position between Nuwaraeliya and Welimada. Hakgala Has botanical garden and which is coolest and most beautiful botanical garden of Sri Lanka. Hakgala mountain is at above from Hakgala botanical Garden. Hakgala mountain is very good for hick climb and find endemic varieties of Sri Lanka.
Hakgala mountain is at top of the Hakgala botanical garden. After the garden there is a high rain forest called Hakgala rain forest. This high rain forest to near Ambewela. No one have permissions to enter this High rain forest of Hakgala.

Hakgala mountain is 8th higher mountain of Sri Lanka. In evening mist come and covered the all of Hakgala mountain.

High of Hakgala mountain above sea level is 2170m above sea level.

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